Cub Scout Pack Website
SOAR myPack is an easy to use, quality, hosted website for your Cub Scout Pack that will increase communication with Cub Scout parents, improve Pack organization, and facilitate shared leadership within the Cub Scout Pack.
No technical skills are required by scout leaders and parents to use a SOAR myPack hosted website. myPack is an affordable Pack website that lets you focus on communicating with Cub Scout Pack members vs. designing and updating a website.
per year
myPack Basic
Starter Cub Scout Pack website. Base features to easily create your Pack website in 10 minutes.
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myPack Standard
Additional features for your Cub Scout Pack such as custom pages, den filter, and individual member accounts.
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myPack Advanced
A unit website for your Cub Scout Pack plus email aliases & lists to communicate with Pack members.

Money Back Guarantee
Cub Scout Pack Website SOAR stands behind our Cub Scout Pack website service. If after 30 days your Pack is not satisfied with myPack, SOAR will refund your purchase price. No reason required. <more>


Meet Half Way
Already have a Pack website? Renewal date not here yet? We have a deal for your Cub Scout Pack! <more>
SOAR migrates services to new infrastructure, providing customers with faster service, room for SOAR to continue growing, and the ability to add more advanced features/services.
SOAR announces upgrades to Troopmaster/Packmaster and Scoutbook Import, bringing new features to SOAR customers.
SOAR announces new Scoutbook Import feature. You can now update/sync your SOAR website roster with data you have already entered in Scoutbook. <more >
SOAR now supports HTTPS/SSL by default. This includes SSL Certificates for custom domain names, for free !
SOAR announces a new Search feature to easily find content on your website and aid in "repurposing" old content for future use.
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